Due to illness, the programme on Sunday 19/3 will consist solo songs with Marianne Beate Kielland. [:]

Concert in Mariakirken, Bergen, March 19 at 21:00. Marianne Beate Kielland (mezzosopran) and Carlos Mena (counter tenor). Bergen Barokk: Stefan Lindvall, Chien-Yu Chu (violins) and Hans Knut Sveen (organ/harpsichord).[:]

Announcement of concert in the series of Antikk Musikk, at Litteraturhuset, Bergen, Sunday 13 November, 14:00. Bergen Barokk and pupils from Bergen kulturskole play Purcell. Guest: Steven Player, dancer, guitarist and story teller.[:]

i Tårnsalen, 9 Sept, together with BIT20 club: J. Paisible: Grave & Allegro F. Couperin: Les calotin et les calotines F. Couperin:Les fauvetes plaintives A.-D. Philidor: Rondeau ensuite[:]

Read (Norwegian texts) reviews of Bergen Barokk’s “Suite Life”, released March 2016 on Lawo Classics:   Press-SuiteLife     Bergen Barokk, Suite Life[:]

Bergen Barokk interacted with Lossius’/Welsh’ “The Atmospherics, 5. Stop, Hey, Watch That Sound!” at Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum, Førde on June 18, 2016. [:]