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Image: Hans Knut SveenHans Knut Sveen, Bergen, Norway, graduated as organist in 1987 from the Bergen Conservatory of music. During his studies he gained interest for the harpsichord, not at least from the inspiration and support he got from his teacher, Prof. Ketil Haugsand (at the time prof. at the Norwegian State Acad. of music, currently prof. at the Köln Hochschule für Musik). In 1988 HKS moved to Amsterdam and continued his studies in harpsichord playing. He took his solo diploma in 1993 after studies with Profs. Anneke Uittenbosch and Gustav Leonhardt. In 1992 he was appointed as teacher at the Grieg Academy (www.hf.uib.no/grieg/) in Bergen. HKS is one of the founders and members of Bergen Barokk (www.barokk.no), recently known for its recording project of the cantata collection “Harmonischer Gottesdienst” by G.Ph. Telemann (www.telemann.uib.no).

HKS’s recordings are basically made with his ensemble Bergen Barokk, he made one solo recording with the Capricci and Canzonas by J.J. Froberger. In his latest recording (Naxos April 2007) he accompanies Paul Wåhlberg (flute) and Knut Erik Sundquist (bass) in the 6 flute sonatas by G.B. Platti. HKS performs solo as well as with other Scandinavian ensembles such as Barokksolistene and Bjarte Eike as well as Norwegian Baroque Orchestra. He has also done several concert performances with Pratum Integrum, Moscow and their leader Pavel Serbin. HKS’ instruments (ravalement copy of Ruckers 1638 and copy of anon. clavichord 1700) are both made by Joel Katzman, Amsterdam.


Hans Knut Sveen studerte orgel og kirkemusikk på Bergen Musikkonservatorium fra 1983 til 1987. I samme periode spilte han cembalo med Ketil Haugsand, deretter fortsatte han cembalostudiene i Nederland. I Amsterdam gikk han hos Anneke Uittenbosch og deretter hos Gustav Leonhardt. I 1992 ble Hans Knut Sveen ansatt som lærer på Bergen Musikkonservatorium (Griegakademiet – Institutt for musikk), i 1993 tok han diplomeksamen i cembalo i Amsterdam. Siden har han spilt konserter alene og med Bergen Barokk i Norden, Tyskland, Nederland, England, USA og Russland. Hans Knut Sveen har flere plateinnspillinger med Bergen Barokk og i 2001 ga han ut en soloplate med musikk av Johann J. Froberger.
Hans Knut Sveen underviser i cembalo og tidlig musikk.


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