Arrangement Nytt om Bergen Barokk

Ludvig danser

“Ludvig danser”, Stranges Stiftelse, Klosteret, Bergen 15.12 kl. 15.00

Can we see music?
Absolutely, musica universalis – an ancient philosophical concept – explains clearly that the real music is to be found in the universe and that what we recognise as earthly and sounding music is only an image of that. However, there is a connection in the Bergen born Ludvig’s fascination of the music at the royal Ludvig (XIV)’s court. The connection between visualised music in dance and sounding music will be dwelt upon when Bergen Barokk and Currentes join forces with dancer Steven Player in a performance in Stranges Stiftelse, Bergen 15 December at 15:00.

Host is the National Trust of Norway and the arrangment is supported by Arts Council Norway and Bergen Culture Council.