“DIEUPART DANCES” 14 December 2017

From the concert “Ung Barokk” (collabaration with Bergen kulturskole) in Nykirken, Bergen.


From the opening of Trond Lossius’ og Jeremy Welsch’ exhibition at Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum.

Bergen gamle kretsfengsel, 26 Sept. 2015

Perfomance with Trond Lossius’ sound installation at “Lokalt 2015”. Frode Thorsen (recorder), Siri Hilmen (cello) and Hans Knut Sveen (harmonium).

Griegakademiet 3. desember 2011

Trond Lossius og Bergen Barokk i Brudd. Flate
Trond Lossius, Siri Hilmen, Frode Thorsen og Hans Knut Sveen.

Håkonshallen 4. september 2011

Frode Thorsen og Hans Knut Sveen i samspill med Trond Lossius’ lydinstallasjon “Lines converging at a distance” i Håkonshallen, Bergen, 4. sept. 2011 under Bergen Middelaldermusikkdager.

Nel pensar che sei l’oggetto

Marianne Beate Kielland and Hans Knut Sveen in duo:

“Harmonischer Gottesdienst” vol. 3

The photos used for Volume 3 of “Harmonischer Gottesdienst”, released January 2011.
Mona Julsrud, Frode Thorsen, Thomas Boysen, Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Hans Knut Sveen.

“The badminton video”

This was in a break in recording session where there happened to be an ad hoc badminton set in the corner of the studio. It just came out as a immediate and natural thing to combine racket and menuet playing…