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Early Music Magazine on Bertouch

In a review article in EMM Feb. 2008 Brian Clark discusses the Micheal W. Nordbakke’s edition of the 18 out of 24 sonatas. In the context Clark points to the fact that the music is also available on CD. To BB’s recording he comments:
“Fine performances from all concerned show that these works, with their dual preoccupations of chromatic diversity and contrapuntal ingenuity, actually work very well as musical entertainment too.”
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Bertouch still kicking

On the website Music & Vision Patric Stanford writes: “Baroque enthusiasts should be delighted to discover the music of Georg von Bertouch (1668-1743), a name perhaps better known in Norway, though even there only among informed devotees of chamber music…The ensemble Bergen Barokk presents clear and lively performances of seven of the 24 Sonatas ”
We are, indeed, happy to notice that even though Bertouch appears to be “better known in Norway”, our recording still receives attention close to three years after its release.
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Excellent start

Bergens Tidende’s Olav Gorseth commented on Vol. 1 in an article Oct 18, 2006 as an “excellent start of a Telemann marathon”.
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An officer and a musician

Barry Brenesal wrote in Fanfare:

“The composers whose music I review for Fanfare generally interest me because I’ve heard and enjoyed their music repeatedly in the past, no matter how esoteric some of them may seem. However, with Georg von Bertouch (1668–1743), I’ve made an exception to that general rule. I was intrigued by what little I’d heard of him in advance, rather than anything I’ve heard by him. For while it seems that some composers over the years have served in a minor capacity in the armed forces, Bertouch was an illustrious military officer who composed (quite well) in his spare time. He makes the Chevalier de St. George look like a dilettante—on the battlefield, at any rate.”

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A composer whose prolific output makes even Bach look a positive slouch

The headline is quoted from Jonathan Freeman-Attwood’s Dec. 2006 Gramophone review of “Harmonischer Gottesdienst”, Vol. 1. He discusses the quantity and overall quality Telemann was able to maintain in his vast production. Although praising the Bergen Barokk effort, Freeman-Attwood, puts question marks to the performance.
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Bergen Barokk on new-music-festival

Morgenbladet’s writer Magnus Anderson needed, according to his article of March 23, 2007, to consider using the expression ‘beautiful’ when he wanted to describe the development in Christian Blom’s piece “Couperins hode, skulder, kne og tå” at Borealis Festival 2007. The full article is available through subscription at Morgenbladet [link] but the kind permission by the paper and the author we quote the Bergen Barokk relevant part of it in our blog [link]. on Harmonischer Gottesdienst and the Bertouch sonatas

William Yeoman on wrote reviews on Harmonischer Gottesdienst, Vol 1 [link] and the Bertouch sonatas [link] back in 2006. He points at the rich booklet text in TOCC0037 as a plus.

Kristiansand paper throws the dice

Emil Otto Syvertsen in Fæderelandsvennen wrote on Feb 13, 2007 a good review note on Vol. 1 of “Harmonischer Gottesdienst”. Anticipating a great number of listening hours he gave the CD 5 out of 6 points in the manner of the Norwegian way of “throwing dice” when giving points to a product.
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An incredibly good start

Allmusic reviewers and bloggers Dave Lewis and James Manheim has given Bergen Barokk attention through their comments on Harmonischer Gottesdienst [link] and Bertouch recording [link]. “One can hardly think of a large Baroque collection of sacred music that needs recording worse than this one”, D. Lewis wrote about the HGD, Vol. 1. We can hardly think of any statement that can be more agreed upon.

22 wars and a handful sonatas

The christian Norwegian newspaper Vårt Land’s reviewer Olav Egil Aune focuses in his article of April 26, 2006, on the fact that there in fact was a retired warrior serving as commander in Christiania and writing a collection of sonatas reflecting both the Corellian and Bachian models of sonatas.