Nytt om Bergen Barokk

“…dette med fiolin…”

“This violin thing…” Concert in Bymuseet i Bergen, Latinskolen, Sunday 18 Feb. at 14:00.

Stefan Lindvall (violin) and Hans Knut Sveen (harpsichord), play and reflects over what makes the violin such an iconic and mythmaking instrument. If you don’t get a good answer, – at least you will hear some delicious music…

The programme:
Johann Seb. Bach: Sonata for fiolin og cembalo obligat (BWV1015)
Johann Jac. Walther: Sonata 9 fra Hortulus Chelicus
Johann G. Pisendel: fra Sonata i c-moll – Adagio og Presto
Heinrich I.F. von Biber: Sonata representativa[:]