Nytt om Bergen Barokk

Telemann the Chameleon

New CD release in November, – release concert in 2019.

In this recording on LAWO Classics, we have compiled an assortment of Telemann’s works, with sonatas, character pieces and suites (partitas). Although only featuring three musicians, the recording consists of solos, pieces for a solo instrument, basso continuo as well as three-piece
music. Bergen Barokk has included two sonatas composed in perfect canon, a technique of which Telemann was a true master. In addition, you’ll hear a combination of instruments you would scarcely have heard played together before, namely the bassoon and bass recorder (‘flauto fagotto’).
The title “Telemann, the Chameleon” demonstrates Telemann’s mastery of all the styles of the era as well as his ability to mix styles in his own distinctive way. Like a chameleon he could changed his ‘colours’ but never relinquished his true self.
The musicians on the recording are Frode Thorsen (recorders), Hans Knut Sveen (harpsichord) and Adrian Rovatkay (bassoon).