Recording from “Prologue” (Nov 1, 2015 Bergen Domkirke)

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Prologue to Mozart’s Requiem

Lene Langballe and Hans Knut Sveen play their ‘prologue’ to Requiem by W.A. Mozart. The piece is based on a set of diminusions (ornamentations) by Ric. Rognoni, developed from Palestrina’s motet Pulchra es anima mea. The cornetto part is accompanied by electronic sound and thus taking the melodic line into other contexts and assosiations.

Follow the links in the Norwegian version of this text to find more information on the musical material and performers.

Listen to Lene Langballe and Hans Knut Sveen performing the motet with its diminutions, 5. nov. 2014 in St. Jakob kirke, Bergen.

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Performance clip 26 Sept 2015

5 mins clip from the performance at the old prison in Bergen, together with Trond Lossius and his sound installation at “Lokalt 2015”, 26 Sept 2015.

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Bergen Barokk in prison

In Bergen old prison these days you can see the exhibition “Lokalt”, which presents a large numger of artists from the region.  One of those, Trond Lossius, is a sound artist and long time collaborator with Bergen Barokk, in projects as “The Place Sound Builds in Passing” and “Brudd. Flate.”.

Today, you can experience the collaboration in a new constellation, where Frode Thorsen, Siri Hilmen and Hans Knut Sveen will play together with (and against) Trond Lossius’ sound installation in the old jail building. We start at 12.00 with “experiments” (work-in-progress till aboutn 13.00) and at 14.00 there will be an “official” performance, lasting ca. 20 minutes.

Not easy to predict what might catch most of your interest, we recommend you to hang around most of the time. Between 12 and 13 we welcome you to take contact with the performers and get more insight in what we are doing or trying to do.


Free entrance.

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Telemann – Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Vol. 6

From Toccata Classics’ website:

This is the sixth CD in the first complete recording of the 72 cantatas in Georg Philipp Telemann’s collection Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, published in Hamburg in 1726 – the first complete set of cantatas for the liturgical year to appear in print. The cantatas are designated for voice, an obbligato instrument (recorder, violin, transverse flute or oboe) and basso continuo, and generally take the form of two da capo arias with an intervening recitative. Although intended for worship, both public and private, Telemann’s cantatas are a masterly blend of tunefulness with skilled counterpoint and vocal and instrumental virtuosity.

See Toccata Classics for details.

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(Norsk) DOMESTIC BACH – ny CD med Bergen Barokk

CD cover Domestic BachIn our first collaboration with the record label LAWO web page we offer music from the environment of the Bach family in Leipzig, with music from the well known “Music book for Anna Magdalena Bach” as well as transcriptions of organ pieces and sonatas by Johann Sebastian himself.

The CD is being released Friday 29 May.

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Italian Concerti and Trii

Italian concerti and trios by Scarlatti, Mancini, Corelli and Geminiani.

The music has its base in the classic and ‘well balanced’ style of Arcangelo Corelli at the end of the 17th Cent. and which led up to the last phase of the era we call Baroque.
The programme is made from pieces for recorder, two violins and basso continuo. Bergen Barokk: Frode Thorsen, Stefan Lindvall, Paule Préfontaine, Siri Hilmen and Hans Knut Sveen.

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The Musical Club

Photo of Thorsen-Hilmen-BergenBarokk

Frode Thorsen/Siri Hilmen

Ludvig Holberg was a student in Oxford in the period 1706-08. During those years he served as a recorder teacher and learned so much himself, from teaching, that he, according to his own statement, became the town’s most popular flute teacher. He was also accepted as member of The Musical Club, – a weekly place for playing and listening. Not surprisingly, and still according to his own statements, he became one of the best performers there.
This programme presents music which was popular and published through those years Holberg spent in England:
Sonatas for flute and cello, by Arcangelo Corelli, James Paisible and William Topham.
Frode Thorsen, recorders and Siri Hilmen, cello.
At Latinskolen (click on event at the right for map), 15 March at 14:00.
Arr: Antikk Musikk

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New season

Looking forward to projects, more collaboration and experimentation with sound and gesture in 2015. Stay updated by returning to our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Social media

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