Concert with Drottningholms Barockensemble and Bergen Barokk in Gunnar Sævigs Sal, The Grieg Academy, Bergen, Sunday 29 Sept 18:00.  Music by Johann Ludwig Bach (Ouverture), Georg Ph. Telemann (Sinfonia Spirituale and Concerto a 6) and Georg Fr. Handel (music from the opera Ariodante).  With the two ensembles, both with aContinue Reading

Nytt album med Hans Knut Sveen, cembalo. Musikk av Girolamo Frescobaldi. Mer om albumet på Research Catalogue

Søndag 1. og 2. september spiller BB to konserter: først i Bergen på Christinegård hovedgård, i konsertserien for Antikk Musikk, deretter i Koncertkirken, København, i serien Early Monday. Dette blir en anledning til å bli bedre kjent med trioen bak CD-innspillingen “Telemann the Chameleon”, men vi bruker anledningen til åContinue Reading

MERK! Christinegård, Bergen Søndag 16. juni kl. 15.00 Foreningen Antikk Musikk In this concert at Christinegård, Bergen, Sunday 16 June at 15:00 Bergen Barokk and Currentes, in a collaboration with Antikk Musikk will present repertoire and practice which places itself inbetween Renaissance and Baroque, in compositional and performance ways. OnContinue Reading

In this concert, at Christinegård, Bergen 10 Feb at 14:00 you will meet the four string players Stefan Lindvall (violin), Chien-Yu Chu (violin), Hans Gunnar Hagen (viola) and Siri Hilmen (cello). They will perform music by the German and Italian composers Schmelzer, Biber, Marini, Weichlein and Fux (see Norwegian textContinue Reading

Concert Sunday 20 Jan 18:00 at the newly initiated Bergen concert scene “Underlig”. Stefan Lindvall (violin), Siri Hilmen (cello) and Hans Knut Sveen (harpsichord) play your favourite music to-be by Telemann, Abel, Bach, Vivaldi, Agrell, Bonporti and Handel.

New CD release in November, – release concert in 2019. In this recording on LAWO Classics, we have compiled an assortment of Telemann’s works, with sonatas, character pieces and suites (partitas). Although only featuring three musicians, the recording consists of solos, pieces for a solo instrument, basso continuo as wellContinue Reading

Bymuseet i Bergen, “Latinskolen”, søndag 4. nov. kl. 14.00 Marin Marais (født 31. mai 1656 i Paris, død 15. august 1728 Paris) Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de Paris Louis Couperin (født rundt 1626 i Chaumes-en-Brie, død 29. august 1661 i Paris) Symphonie François Couperin (født 10. november 1668 iContinue Reading

Inspired by Francois Couperin’s “Concerts Royaux” we present the programme “Royal music” Saturday and Sunday 3 and 4 November. Concerts: Christinegård, Bergen, 3. nov kl 20.00 “Latinskolen”, Bymuseet i Bergen, 4. nov kl 14.00 [:]

Thanks Åsane Unge Strykere for our collaboration at the concert in Eidsvåg kirke 30 Oct. [:]