Telemann the Chameleon

New CD release in November, – release concert in 2019.

In this recording on LAWO Classics, we have compiled an assortment of Telemann’s works, with sonatas, character pieces and suites (partitas). Although only featuring three musicians, the recording consists of solos, pieces for a solo instrument, basso continuo as well as three-piece
music. Bergen Barokk has included two sonatas composed in perfect canon, a technique of which Telemann was a true master. In addition, you’ll hear a combination of instruments you would scarcely have heard played together before, namely the bassoon and bass recorder (‘flauto fagotto’).
The title “Telemann, the Chameleon” demonstrates Telemann’s mastery of all the styles of the era as well as his ability to mix styles in his own distinctive way. Like a chameleon he could changed his ‘colours’ but never relinquished his true self.
The musicians on the recording are Frode Thorsen (recorders), Hans Knut Sveen (harpsichord) and Adrian Rovatkay (bassoon).

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Programme – “Royal music” Nov 4

Bymuseet i Bergen, “Latinskolen”, søndag 4. nov. kl. 14.00

Marin Marais (født 31. mai 1656 i Paris, død 15. august 1728 Paris)
Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de Paris

Louis Couperin (født rundt 1626 i Chaumes-en-Brie, død 29. august 1661 i Paris)

François Couperin (født 10. november 1668 i Paris, død 11. september 1733 samme sted)
Premier Concert Royal

Louis-Antoine Dornel (ca. 1685 i Béthemont-la-Forêt – 1765 i Paris)
Sonate i D-dur

Jean-Marie Leclair (født 10. mai 1697 i Lyon; død 22. oktober 1764 i Paris)
Sonate i G-dur

Stefan Lindvall, fiolin
Siri Hilmen, cello
Hans Knut Sveen, cembalo

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Christinegård på tidlig 1800-tall (kilde: Wikipedia, “Christinegård” )

Inspired by Francois Couperin’s “Concerts Royaux” we present the programme “Royal music” Saturday and Sunday 3 and 4 November.


  • Christinegård, Bergen, 3. nov kl 20.00
  • “Latinskolen”, Bymuseet i Bergen, 4. nov kl 14.00


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(Norsk) Ung Barokk

Thanks Åsane Unge Strykere for our collaboration at the concert in Eidsvåg kirke 30 Oct. [:]

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Spurv i øyet

In the performance of “Spurv i øyet” 27. Oct 2018 you heard

  • “Spurv i øyet – sekstett i Hythe”, by Erik Bye
  • “Sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de Paris”, by Marin Marais
  • “Frena donna”, frottola intabulated by Andrea Antico
  • “Musette”, by Jean-Marie Leclair
  • “Sonata in e minor” (WK 150), by Carl Friedrich Abel
  • “Venus, du und dein Kind”, melody by Jacob Regnart, know as “Auf meinen lieben Gott” or “Fryd deg, du Kristi brud”
  • Fragments from “Sonata representativa” by H.I.F. von Biber

Ragnhild Gudbrandsen
Stefan Lindvall
Siri Hilmen
Hans Knut Sveen[:]

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(Norsk) Samarbeid med Drottningholms barockensemble

Sorry, this entry is only available in Norsk.

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On a Spinnet to Play

Concert on the spinet of John and Hilary Birks, and presentation of their donated CD-collection to the Grieg Academy.

John Lunds plass 3, 2. etg., Sunday 2 Sept at 2:00 PM.[:]

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Concert and celebration

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Concert with Bergen Barokk on Damsgård hovedgård, Bergen, Saturday 9 June, 15:00.[:]

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Musikksalong 29 April – concert

In the series Musikksalong at Chagall, Bergen: Stefan Lindvall, Siri Hilmen and Hans Knut Sveen together with Mari Galambos Grue. Concert starts at 20:00.

See Norwegian text for links to videos.


J Walther: Sonata

JS Bach: Sonate for fiolin og cembalo 

G Johnson: Talking/Singing

Gælisk avsnitt

Westhoff/Stradella: «sonatefusjon»[:]

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