Arrangement Nytt om Bergen Barokk

Not quite Baroque


Christinegård, Bergen

Søndag 16. juni kl. 15.00

Foreningen Antikk Musikk

In this concert at Christinegård, Bergen, Sunday 16 June at 15:00 Bergen Barokk and Currentes, in a collaboration with Antikk Musikk will present repertoire and practice which places itself inbetween Renaissance and Baroque, in compositional and performance ways. On 16th Century reconstructions of a flute consort (ensemble) and harpsichord you will hear music by composers/publishers as Andrea Antico and Pierre Attaingnant, among others. The players: Jostein Gundersen, Frode Thorsen, Caroline Eidsten Dahl, Sjur Haga Bringeland og Hans Knut Sveen.